Shipping will be shut down January 31 - February 6 for the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City. If you would like an in stock purchase to ship before February 6, please get your order in by this Sunday (January 29). Please note, due to order volume at the show..many items may be going out of stock for several weeks.

Made in USA

Hand Cut and Sewn in South Dakota

Guaranteed for Life

We cover all gear malfunctions, including wear and tear, free of charge minus shipping costs

Why buy from us?

Listen, we understand our products are not the cheapest out there. We don’t sell folks on cheap. We sell folks on quality and a lifetime of insurance. As the old saying goes, good gear isn’t cheap, cheap gear isn’t good. Our number one focus at T & K Hunting Gear is to provide a product that is Made in the USA, durable, comfortable, and functional. We simply don’t cut corners when it comes to material and design. We invest in the highest quality Cordura, thread, snaps, webbing, buckles, zippers, Velcro, and metal components within the hunting industry. All of our products are designed to have low failure rates. It’s common to observe double and triple stitching on many of our products, along with heavy doses of bar tack stitching (strong zig zag style stitch) on load bearing points. Most importantly, our employees receive livable wages with benefits. No amount of profits can replace the pride of hiring folks within your community to make your product. To conclude, we try to do it the right way at T & K, which is why you may pay a little bit more than some of our overseas competitors. Our passion, patriotism, and ethics are the foundation that has built this company, and the foundation that this company will continue to build on for years to come.  

Made in the USA

We employ local citizens within our community to cut and sew all of our products.