Made in the USA

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Durability Is Our Business Model

We start by using the highest quality USA sourced thread, fabric, foam, plastic, metal, webbing, and velcro available. All of our gear is designed and constructed on USA soil to withstand the toughest terrain and weather on the planet. From the deserts of Arizona to the Mountains of Alaska; T & K is the standard for function, protection, and durability.

Veteran and Family Owned

100% privately owned by the Kath family. The T & K business foundation was constructed with Midwest values of integrity, patriotism, and hard work. We value and treat every employee and customer like a friend or relative; not just a number. Our near non existent return for refund rates, friendly customer exchange & return policies, and no BS lifetime warranty is what drives our success in the gear making market.

Unlike many other gear companies, we take pride in manufacturing our products in America. We proudly support countless raw material manufacturers within the United States, and provide livable wages with benefits to our manufacturing employees in South Dakota. This means you support hundreds upon thousands of American manufacturing jobs when you purchase from us. The way it should be!

Leg Gaiters

Modular Binocular Harness

Bino Harness Holster

Kilo Suppressor Cover

Archer Quivers

Bow Slings

Ammo Wallets

Polartec® Power Air™ Grid Fleece

What size of binocular harness do I need?
What size of binocular harness do I need?
Binocular make and model chart with binocular harness sizing recommendations
What size of Range Finder Pouch do I need?
What size of Range Finder Pouch do I need?
Range Finder Pouch size based on Range Finder Make, Model, and Dimensions

Our Facility

Located in Rapid City, South Dakota, we employ local citizens within our community to cut, sew, and ship our products. Additionally, we utilize several other manufacturing locations within the United States to help facilitate the high demand for our products.

Active Duty, Veteran, First Responder, and Healthcare Worker Discount

As a thank you for those who have served and currently serve, enjoy 10% off any order through GovX