Kilo Suppressor Cover
Kilo Suppressor Cover
Kilo Suppressor Cover
Kilo Suppressor Cover
Kilo Suppressor Cover
Kilo Suppressor Cover
Kilo Suppressor Cover
Kilo Suppressor Cover

Kilo Suppressor Cover

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Color: Ranger Green
Suppressor Length: 5” (5.5" - 6.55" Total Suppressor Length)

Details & Care

Cordura/Nylon Products

- Do not machine wash, use bleach, or use fabric softener on Cordura products.

- Use cold or lukewarm water, mild detergent, and lightly scrub the material with a sponge or soft scrub brush.

- Air dry out of direct sunlight to prevent color fading. DO NOT iron or dry clean.

- Once dry, apply a DWR (durable water repellent) spray to mantain the products ability to shed water.

- Any loose threads from wear and wash should be burned and sealed with a lighter. DO NOT apply flame directly to spacer mesh, Cordura, or other Nylon fabrics. These fabrics will melt and create holes in the product.

Fleece Fabrics

- Machine wash warm or cold and tumble dry low with mild detergent. Fleece products can also be air dried. DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener. DO NOT iron or dry clean.


The Kilo Suppressor Cover is our newest edition to the T & K gear family. Constructed of laser cut B52 Squadron, 1000D Cordura, carbon fiber, and Kevlar nano cord. A fiberglass fire sleeve with a silicone rubber external coating can be added for an additional cost. Our suppressor cover has a rear cinch design to prevent the cover from slipping forward while shooting. 1" nylon webbing wraps through specific laser cut slots to tighten the cover around the fire sleeve (the barber pole). Several metal 1" triglides are used to cinch the webbing tight and prevent any webbing slippage. This is a great piece of gear to protect your can from the elements, while reducing the mirage as you send rounds down range.

Fitment: Measure your suppressors total length and follow the instructions on the size dropdown. The end of your suppressor should be exposed with the cover on (1/4" - 1"). If you have overhang, you will need to exchange your cover for the next size down. Allowing the end of your suppressor to be expose will allow gases to dissipate and avoids damaging the cover.

Warranty Information: Intentional destruction of this product will void the warranty. Using the cover without a fire sleeve for high rates of fire (continuous bursts and mag dumps) will void the warranty.

Heat Specifications

Carbon fiber sleeve - 1800° F max temperature before melt/failure

Fiberglass fire sleeve add on - 500° F continuous / 2200°F up to 15 Minutes / 3000°F for short excursions

*The fiberglass fire sleeve add on is intended to provide additional heat protection for high volumes of fire. You do not need a fire sleeve for intermediate long distance rifle shooting, hunting, or law enforcement/military training with intermediate firing (failure drills). The fire sleeve needs to be tightened substantially if a fire sleeve is used to prevent movement. Keep in mind, proper tactical/self defense training consists of accurate/pinpoint firing (Failure Drills) and does not consist of repetitious bursts or mag dumps which promote ammo waste, poor accuracy, poor shooting posture, and poor weapon control.

Warning: This product contains fiberglass (if you purchase the fiberglass fire sleeve). Avoid direct contact with skin to avoid irritation. Always wash your hands after handling. Metal components can and will retain heat. Use caution when handling this product after shooting. Allow your firearm to cool down before attempting to manipulate any components .


Made in USA 1000D CORDURA 

Made in USA B52 Squadron

Made in USA Cordura Nylon Webbing

Made in USA Fiberglass Sleeve

Made in USA Carbon Fiber

Made in USA Kevlar Nano Cord

Made in USA 1 Metal Triglides

Made in USA Cord Lock

Made in USA Nomex Thread