Product Photography Opportunities

T & K is on the lookout for freelance photographers that can capture our products being used all over the world. Field photography gives potential consumers an idea on how products look and function while being worn or used in the outdoors. Additionally, it showcases the wide variety of sizes and colors we offer.  

Submission Guidelines

Photos must consist of the most up to date gear we offer. Photos of older versions of product and/or discontinued products will not be accepted. All gear must be purchased. We will not send free gear for photography. 

Due to the potential for large amounts of submissions, we are looking for high quality photos that stand out from others. What makes yours different from the others we may receive? Think outside the box and let your imagination and creativity produce content people want to see. The more interaction your photos receive, the more we will want to purchase from you. 


$15 per photo (multiple photos will be accepted depending on quality)

Keep in mind, most images are rotated out and are no longer used after 6-12 weeks of advertising, website, or social media use. 

How do I submit my photos for purchase?

Send an email to with the below information.

Subject line: Photo Submission

Please ensure all photos are watermarked for non-use. 

If we are interested, we will reply and notify you of the photo or photos we would like to purchase from you. Purchasing the photos gives T & K full rights to use the photos for advertising, websites, emails, and social media. 

Remember, this is an opportunity for a possible long term relationship with higher compensation per photo. Quality work is a requirement for future business opportunities.