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Backseat PALS Panel
Backseat PALS Panel
Backseat PALS Panel

Backseat PALS Panel

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DESCRIPTION: We developed our backseat PALS panel to provide our customers with a way to organize their hunting rigs. The panel has two connection points to secure the panel to the back of your seat(s). The top connection secures around the seat head rest, while the bottom connection goes around the seat and connects back to the panel. The bottom connection webbing can be tucked into the bottom of the seat to prevent any interference while the user is seated. We outfitted both connection points with auto lock buckles to prevent the panel from loosening while under load. The panel consists of 9 PALS rows, which can be used in conjunction with any pouches outfitted with MOLLE. The uses for this system are endless and 100% modular to the users needs. 



WEIGHT: 8 OUNCES                                  



1000D/500D CORDURA

Made in USA Cordura Nylon Webbing

Made in USA 1" Auto Lock Buckles

Made in USA 2" Velcro

Made in USA HDPE Plastic

Made in USA #69 Nylon Thread